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A sets tianjian tea hunan anhua black tea health care tea

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A sets tianjian tea / hunan anhua black tea / health care tea

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • only one plant base in hunan anhua
  • unique manufacturing technology
  • high standard production workshop
  • high pure tea raw material
  • professional technology team

Product Details

Product name:A sets tianjian tea hunan anhua black tea health care tea

Net weight:2000g(a basket)

In ancient times, tianjian tea was a noble gift for tea merchants to send dignitaries, wealthy merchants and friends and relatives. During the daoguang period of the qing dynasty (around 1825), tianjian tea was listed as a tribute for the royal family to drink, and now it has become a kind of drinking fashion for people.The tea can be brewed or boiled.It is not only suitable for drinking but also for making milk tea, especially for making pot tea in tea houses in the south, and for making cold tea at home.Tianjian tea is processed from fresh leaves in guyu season, with dark color, sweet taste, pure pine smoke smell, mellow taste, dark yellow color and bright color, even and tender leaf bottom, and stable quality.

Benefits of black tea:

Sterilization and anti-inflammatoryLower blood pressure Anti-oxidation, anti-aging and prolong lifeHelp digestionsolve greasysmooth stomachDiuretic detoxification reduce the poisoning of tobacco and alcoholImprove glucose metabolism, lower blood sugar and prevent diabetesAnti-cancer and disease resistanceReduce fat,lose weightsoften blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular diseasesBlack tea can supplement dietary nutrition

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